What kind of food can the steamer cook?

1. What kind of food can the steamer do?The steamer has a wide range of uses and can steam many delicious things, such as:Pasta: steamed buns, steamed buns, flower rolls, rice cakes, steamed cakes, etc.

What should I do if the steamer is burning and the pan is black? How to remove the blackened stainless steel steamer?

Found that the steamer was boiled dry, I quickly poured water and soaked it. After soaking in water for a period of time, use a brush and rinse with more water a few times, and it is usually fine. But be careful not to use steel wire balls for scrubbing to avoid damaging the bottom of the stainless steel steamer.

What is the difference between a soup pot and a milk pot, whether the soup pot is practical or the milk pot is practical

The milk pot generally has only one long handle, and the soup pot has a U-shaped handle on each side, which makes it easier to handle and save effort during use.

What material is good for the soup pot, the ingredients for the soup and the matters needing attention

Stainless steel pots can also be used to cook soup. It is characterized by large capacity and boiling resistance. It can be used to cook chicken soup, rib soup and other soups that need to be boiled for a long time. The soup cooked in this pot is relatively light, unlike the soup cooked in a casserole, which has an original taste. . It is not advisable to use a stainless steel pot to boil some soups with Chinese medicinal materials, because Chinese medicine contains a lot of alkaloids, which will chemically react with stainless steel during heating, which will affect the medicinal effect of the soup.

Introduction to the use and maintenance of non-stick frying pan

In daily life, there are many types of pots and pans, and non-stick frying pans are just one of them. Non-stick frying pan refers to a pot that does not stick to the bottom of the pan when cooking, so how should this kind of pan be used and maintained?
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