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Why do we use round-bottomed pans for cooking, while foreigners use pans? There is a lot of knowledge in it

Almost every family in our kitchen has a round-bottomed pot, and its universality is like an oven in a foreigner’s kitchen. Foreigners will be hungry without an oven. We may not be able to cook a good meal without a round-bottomed wok. In the cooking tools of foreigners, they also have a kind of pot, but unlike our round-bottomed pot, their pot is a flat-bottomed pot.

Good news! Amboli kitchenware won the gold medal of the 11th China (Dalian) Light Industry Fair

The product "Amboli·Zhen Stainless Uncoated Cast Iron Pot" of Wuhan Amboli Kitchenware Co., Ltd. won the gold medal of the 11th China (Dalian) Light Industry Commodity Fair.

Exclusive spoilers! Amboli CCTV【Brand Story】The behind-the-scenes footage of the documentary flows out

Extra! CCTV came to Amboli to shoot [Brand Story] documentary! At present, the feature film has entered the intensive post-production process, so you can look forward to it. The CCTV camera crew carried out a framing and shooting at the Amboli factory, and comprehensively demonstrated Amboli's competitive strength, brand connotation, and craftsmanship by shooting the panoramic view of the factory, the product line, the counter display area, and the real-life demonstration of the wok.
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